01. Solar Energy

Solar energy is most abundant of all energy resources and an important energy source for production of green hydrogen and other fuels. In this taskforce, pre-competitive and non-competitive area of solar energy technologies are focused on under global collaboration.

TG1-1.Advanced Characterization of Photovoltaics Devices

Aiming to realize carbon-neutral society, further expansion of the introduction of solar power, one of the principal renewable energies, are urgently required. To move this strategy forward, developing novel photovoltaic (PV) devices to be applied to various PV applications and establishing globally consistent PV performance characterization techniques for these devices are expected.

In this Task Group, we aim to achieve advanced PV performance characterization with high precision and conformity for high-efficiency novel PV devices (cells and modules) through inter-comparisons among developed institutes. In addition, we aim to improve PV characterization techniques for all the devices by providing assistance for capacity building to developing institutes.