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    Research and Development 20 for clean energy technologies (RD20)

    Hosted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

    Breakthrough innovation is key for achieving virtuous cycle of environment and growth by developing new technology solutions for energy transitions. For breakthrough innovations, it is important to make the best use of world-leading expertise and knowledge. Ideas and experiences associated with such global expertise and knowledge are expected to be a catalyst to produce concrete actions for promoting innovation.

    G20 members, which account for a major portion of the global CO2 emissions, are expected to play a leadership role by leading the innovation and development of clean energy technologies for promoting energy transitions. In particular, leading R&D institutes from G20 members, which carry out the world’s cutting-edge technological development in the clean energy field, could play a significant role in maximizing the global potential of innovation by developing research alliances among the members, thereby accelerating international collaborations including joint R&D activities. Within this context, at the Davos meeting in January 2019, then Prime Minister ABE Shinzo announced his initiative to invite topmost experts from G20 member countries to combine forces in accelerating innovation in the context of climate change.

    In line with the government initiative, the international conference “Research and Development 20 for clean energy technologies (RD20)” has been held since 2019 by gathering together the heads of leading R&D institutes from G20 members. The RD20 will provide participants an opportunity for exchanging R&D activities and experiences, best practices and ideas related to current and emerging issues associated with clean energy technologies in their respective countries, and to explore the potential for international collaboration including joint R&D projects among leading R&D institutes.