About RD20

Launched in 2019, the RD20 is an “initiative” (framework) for international research and development aiming to strengthen international collaboration by leading research institutes in G20 countries and regions that develop the world’s most advanced technologies for achieving carbon neutrality.
RD20 provides opportunities for participants to exchange R&D activities, experiences, and best practices related to clean energy technologies across countries and regions, as well as to explore the potential for international joint research. It also serves to deepen and develop new partnerships among relevant industry, academia, and government stakeholders.

RD20 member institutes

RD20 member institutes

RD20 member institutes(text form)
About RD20 About RD20 About RD20 About RD20

History of RD20 and outcomes:

2019 Jan: Announcement of the establishment of RD20.
2019 Oct: The 1st conference in Tokyo (in-person), Chair Summary.
2020 Oct: The 2nd conference in Tokyo (On-line), Leaders’ Summary.
2021 Oct: The 3rd Conference in Tokyo (On-line), Leaders’ Statement.
2022 Oct: The 4th Conference in Tokyo (in-person), Leaders’ Recommendation.
2023 Oct: The 5th Conference in Fukushima (in-person), Leaders Recommendation 2023 Fukushima.