Leaders Session of the 4th RD20 Conference was held
at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Thursday, October 6th and the Technical Sessions was held online on Tuesday, October 4th

Thank you for your participation. The conference has ended. Please register if you would like to watch the video.




RD20 brings together national research institute leaders from G20 nations to combine diverse knowledge in accelerating discontinuous innovation in the field of clean energy technologies for massive reduction of CO2 emissions. The conference is a platform to join forces towards creative innovation by strengthening alliances among research institutes of each country, and expanding joint international research and development.

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RD20 is a conference of leading research institutes from G20 member nations, focusing on clean energy technologies and international collaboration. The 4th RD20 that was held on Oct. 4th to 6th was an online and in-person hybrid conference.

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Monthly special interviews with major research institutes and speakers from G20 country participating in the RD20. The prospects in the field of clean energy from experts who lead the world’s cutting-edge technological development will be expected to show.

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What is Now & Future? According to the Leaders Statement adopted at the 3rd RD20, AIST summarized the abstracts submitted by participating institutions as “Now & Future 2021”.

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01.Solar Energy

Tackforce[Solar Energy] was launched.


Tackforce[Hydrogen] was launched.

03.Energy Management System

Tackforce[Energy Management System] was launched.