Program of the 5th RD20 Conference 2023
The brochure for the 5th RD20 Conference

Program of panel exhibition as of September 29

Panel Exhibition (PDF)
Panel Exhibition – Industry

October 4 – 5 (Invitation-only event)


1Hitachi, Ltd.Building Flagship Models Toward the Realization of a Carbon Neutral Society
2SHIMIZU CORPORATIONThe world’s most advanced approach to building carbon neutrality: “Hydro Q-BiC®” hydrogen utilization system installed in an actual building
3TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATIONToyota’s efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality
4Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.“MISSION NET ZERO” Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group’s answer to achieving carbon neutrality
5SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.The progress of Sekisui Chemical Company toward implementation of Perovskite solar cell
Wood sustainable composites realizing negative CO2 emissions
7AISAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD & AISTHigh-quality and efficient forming technology by semi-solid high-pressure die-casting
8ISHIHARA SANGYO KAISHA, LTD & AISTNew Heat Storage Material 「HASClay®」,
Energy saving application using high-performance adsorbent 「HASClay®」
9SANNO Co., Ltd. Electrodeposition Hydrogen Permeable Membrane
10Frontier Laboratories Ltd. A Simple, Effective Solution for Analyzing Microplastics Using Pyrolysis-GC/MS. Introduction of Frontier Laboratories and applications using its products.

Local government

1FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENT“Renewable energy-related facilities in the Prefecture”
“To the Future FUKUSHIMA”
“Shared power transmission lines project and the expansion of hydrogen”
“Initiatives to foster and cluster renewable energy & hydrogen related industries”
2Koriyama City Government“Koriyama’s Climate Change Initiatives”
“Koriyama’s Industrial Innovation”


1Dr. Florian Nestler (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany)“Sustainable Synthesis Products”
“Dimethyl Ether (DME) via Dynamic Methanol Synthesis: One Concept for Global Point-to-Point H2 Carriers”
2Dr. Huyen N Dinh (NREL, US)Clean Hydrogen Production – A Consortium Approach
3Dr. Alex Badgett (NREL, US)Opportunities and Implications for Low-Cost Hydrogen Production from Water Electrolysis in a Decarbonizing Power Sector
4Dr. Josh Schaidle (NREL, US)Electrons to Molecules
5Dr. Jason Paterson (NZTC, UK)Hydrogen: Fuel of the future
6Dr. Kenji Otani (AIST-FREA)Energy Network Team (outline)
7Dr. Tetsuya Nanba (AIST-FREA)Hydrogen Energy Team (outline)
8Dr. Tetsuhiko Maeda (AIST-FREA)Hydrogen Carrier Utilization Team (outline)
9Dr. Tetsuya Kogaki (AIST-FREA)Wind Energy Team (outline)
10Dr. Takuya Matsui (AIST-FREA)Photovoltaic Device Team (outline)
11Dr. Katsuto Tanahashi (AIST-FREA)Photovoltaic Module and Application Team (outline)
12Dr. Takashi Oozeki (AIST-FREA)Photovoltaic System and Application Team (outline)
13Dr. Takurou Murakami (AIST-GZR), Dr. Masahiro Yoshita (AIST-FREA)Development of Perovskite Solar Cells: -Materials and Fabrication Technology, Performance Characterization, and Standardization-
14Dr. Akito Ozawa, Dr. Yuki Kudo (AIST-GZR)Scenario Analysis for Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Japan by 2050
15Dr. Hideyuki Takagi (AIST-GZR)Development of Synthetic Liquid Fuel Production Technology from CO2
16Dr. Kazuhiro Sayama (AIST-GZR)Artificial Photosynthesis Technology for Economical Production of H2 and Valuable Chemicals
17Dr. Shinichirou Morimoto (AIST-GZR)Evaluation of Carbon Capture and Utilization Technologies using AIST Assessment Tool
18Dr. Shinichirou Morimoto, Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto (AIST-GZR)Feasibility Study of Enhanced Mineralization based on LCA/TEA platform (Moonshot R&D)
19Dr. Nishio Masahiro, Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto (AIST-GZR)Tokyo Zero-emission Innovation Bay
20Dr. Hiroaki Hatori (AIST-GZR)Global Zero Emission Research Center (GZR)(overview)
21Dr. Masahiro Shikano (AIST-FREA)Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)