Dec.06, 2023
RD20 Session at Japan Pavilion of COP28
  1. COP28
    ・ Date: 11/30-12/12
    ・ Venue: EXPO CITY DUBAI(Expo Road, Dubai South Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE)
  2. RD20 session at Japan Pavilion of COP28
    ・ Date: 12/11(Mon) 10:30 – 11:45 (75min.)
    ・ “Challenge of RD20 toward the Realization of a Carbon Neutral Society”
  3. Panelists
    Dr. Haruhiko Obara: Senior Executive Officer, AIST, Japan
    Dr. Giorgio Graditi: General Director, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Italy
    Dr. Bethany Speer: Group Manager for Project Development and Finance, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), US
    Dr. Sangjin Choi: Chief of the Global Strategy Team, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), Korea
    Ms. Julie Cerqueira: Chair, Steering Committee, Mission Innovation, US
  4. Agenda
    ・ MC: Dr. Noriko Yoshizawa, Secretary-General of the RD20
    1) Opening remarks: Mr. Izuru Kobayashi, Deputy Director General for Environmental Affairs, METI, Japan
    2) Introduction of each institute and RD20 case
    3) Panel Discussion
      ・ Moderator: Prof. Dr. Michio Kondo, AIST/Waseda University
        ✓  Action items based on the “Leaders Recommendation”:
             Summer School, Task Force, Workshop etc.
          ・ RD20 introduction movie + general outline (AIST)

          Key Questions and Discussion (presentation 3 min. each + discussion)
          (1) Further development of international collaborations among RD20 members:
          (2) Collaboration with other organizations:
          (3) Human Resource Development

COP28 Japan Pavilion Seminar
“Challenge of RD20 toward the Realization of a Carbon Neutral Society”
COP27 Japan Pavilion Seminar
“Challenge of RD20 toward the realization of a carbon neutral society”